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Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Inside Scoop on Short Sale Preapprovals

The definition of short sale preapproval is intriguing. There are many ways to have a short sale approved, although few people know the proper way to PREAPPROVE a short sale. We can discuss the short sale process and the means by which a seller can have a short sale preapproved prior to a buyer's purchase.

The preapproval short sale letter is important to the Florida short sale buyer. That buyer wants to close in thirty-days from the contract date. This is an impossibility with short sales unless there is a preapproved short sale prepared for that buyer.

Here is a Florida preapproval of short sales section of town. Volusia of Florida has short sales of real estate and there is financing available through various entities. Please be sure to examine the short sales in Florida throughouly prior to the preapproval of short sales. Thanks for listening. There will be more on Florida short sales in the near future.

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