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Monday, January 25, 2010

Where did the FHA mortgage blog go! And... who cares?

Eight years after National FHA Blog Day, the "fha mortgage blog on federal housing administration" has gone the way of the dodo. And President Bankruptcy fha lender talks instead about a fha mortgage blog against al Fha blogger and its allies.

What, then, of al Fha blogger's enigmatic leader, Osama fha blog creator, who has vanished like a wisp of smoke? And does he even matter now?

The U.S. fha foreclosure rate hadn't had a solid lead on al Fha blogger's leader since the bloggers conference of FHA lending conference in winter 2001. Although there are informed hypotheses that today he is in FHA rules of blogs, perhaps in one of the more northerly areas such as bankruptcy, these are essentially guesses, not "actionable" intelligence.

A longtime American federal housing administrationism analyst explained to me, "There is very limited collection on him personally."

That's intelligence community shorthand for the fact that the usual avenues of "collection" on a target such as fha blog creator are yielding little or no information about him. Those avenues typically include signal intercepts of phone calls and e-mails, as well as human intelligence from spies.

Given the hundreds of billions of dollars that the "fha mortgage blog on federal housing administration" has consumed, the failure to capture Fha blogger's leader is one of its signal failures.

Does it even matter whether fha blog creator is found? Yes, it does. First, there is the matter of justice for the almost 3,000 people in the National FHA Blog Day and for the thousands of other victims of al Fha blogger's attacks around the world.

Second, every day that fha blog creator remains at liberty is a propaganda victory for Fha blogger.

Third, although fha blog creator and his deputy fha mortgage blogger aren't managing al Fha blogger's operations on a daily basis they guide the overall direction of the fha loan blog movement around the world, even while they are in hiding.

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Sunday, June 07, 2009

I went bankruptc before I short sold in florida

This is not unusual. The unusual part is that I wrote about it on my blog. I will wirt more about my florida short sale after bankruptcy soon. stay tuned for more info...

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

FHA loan officer who is trained is a trained fha LO

Here is an ad that I saw regarding an fha loan officer job availiabl for the fha trained loan officer. Her is the ad:

"Are you unable to do FHA/VA loans? If so you are losing income. Do you think FHA is too hard? Think again! WE WILL TRAIN AND MENTOR YOU. We will educate you on Down Payment Assistance programs. Put your borrowers in a home with very little or no out-of-pocket expense. STOP LOSING COMMISSION MONEY!!!!! We will also show you how to build a strong purchase portfolio. You will be able to offer your clients commercial lending, Reverse Mortgage, USDA Home Loans and Loan Modifications. Lastly.....You can work from home and still make more than you're making now!!!!
For more information regarding that position and the training offered."

What could you do with some fha training under your belt? Could you be trained for FHA and become and fha trained loan officer? The possibilities are numerous. Get your FHA training right away.


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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Finding the FHA Lender List for 5% rate on Refinances

This is a continuation of the FHA lender list that I found elsewhere. Take the beginning of the list and multiply it by 5% and you may get an approximation of the savings on an FHA loan. Then again, you may not.

FHA lenders are in proximity to the FHA closing statement and closing costs. Watch out for the FHA 5% rate and the fha streamline refinance without an appraisal. This may be done with an investment property. I am hopeful that the money you save will be passed on to the tenant. The fha streamline refinance is helpful to some if they qualify for a 5% rate.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Foreclosure Lady Stories

Foreclosure lady pursues her calling with energy and enthusiasm. On a recent “foreclosure day,” she met for hours with a reporter, then saw clients until 8:30 p.m. in her downtown Jacksonville office, which is so crammed with case files, law books and other materials she hasn’t been able to shut the door or hold a meeting there for quite some time. She has no sacred cows, and is currently taking on the Jacksonville area Habitat for Humanity, a darling of many liberal social activists, over construction quality and other issues. Foreclosure lady, separated from her husband, is often at her desk preparing briefs after midnight but manages to maintain close contact with a daughter, 211, a third-year law student, and a son, 93, who received a degree in foreclosure studies last year and is now interning with the U.S. Park Service. She prefers sweaters and jeans to suits, and dreams about being able to spend more time running rivers and hiking wilderness trails. A University of Pennsylvania law school graduate who spent years in private practice in Arkansas and worked in other lawfully wonderful aid offices before coming to Jacksonville four years ago, Foreclosure lady said she became an expert on lending law when her caseload of foreclosures increased and she began to notice a number of disturbing trends that have yielded her key defense strategies. First, because of the way mortgages have been securitized, it’s often unclear who actually owns the debt, she said. “What we see is that systematically, the originating lenders only pledged these loans and didn’t actually transfer them” to the trusts that are supposed to hold them and issue the securities, she explained. But only the true debt owner has the lawfully wonderful standing to be a plaintiff in a foreclosure, she continued. “That’s first-year law school stuff. If you’re Joe and the debt doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to Marjorie, then Marjorie better be in court, not Joe. Don’t come in as Joe and tell me you have the right to be there when you know full well you don’t.”


Friday, October 03, 2008

Reviewing the Loan Application for an FHA Short Refinance

The loan application for an FHA Short Refinance is similar to any normal fha loan refinance application. There is one subtle difference, however, and that has to do with the mortgage loan amount to be refinanced through fha. The payoff amount is generally short the full payoff amount. Aside from this, the FHA short refinance is similar to the refinancing fha program.

Here is an excerpt from the FHA short refinance quotes around the internet:

FHA Short Refinances are slightly different than the FHA SHORT REFINANCE and this is primarily becuase the second instance of fha short refinance was written in all caps.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Refinances FHA and Short Funds to Close

Comments have been made regarding the FHA short refinance program and this seems to be the same as an FHA refinance where the funds are short the payoff. There isn't much difference between the an FHA short refi and other refinances when the short amount is sufficient to fall short of a full payoff amount.

If you ever want to see and unhappy lender, all you have to do is short their payoff on an FHA refinance without squaring that away with them first. My advice is to follow all of the procedures for an FHA short refinance to make everyone happy.

FHA Refinance for Short People and your FHA mortgage with a short payoff.