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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bay County Short Sale News

I took a walk around downtown bay County real estate and looked at all of the residential homes available for short sale. There are plenty of short sales in bay County. If you don’t know about real estate in Bay County, then picture Panama City or Panama City Beach and then take a walk outside and yell: “SHORT SALE OF REAL ESTATE IN BAY COUNTY FLORIDA!!” at the top of your lungs.

Then we went to the movies at the Bay County realtors theatre and it was an old infomercial from Carlton Sheets about selling short sales in bay County Florida.

Real estate is available throughout Florida to Buy and sell. There are many short sales everywhere. But if you want real estate and you want a short sale together, then look no further than Bay County Florida.

Real estate in Florida includes abandoned homes for sale. A Bando may or may not inhabit the abandoned home. I would recommend you do a home inspection first before the FHA loan in Florida is closed. Thank you for your real estate information and for giving the Bay County buyers some real estate information to learn about short sales.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

When is the Alachua Florida short sale available for inspection? Can I inspect the Short Sale of real estate in Gainesville and then in Alachua Florida? If I can buy a florida short sale then I would like some real estate in Alachua Florida.

Florida short sale available in Alachua can be bought for cheap. You can visit the florida short sale of real estate.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

FHA Risk Based Prcing Benefits some, Not Others...

Here's some more data from the premium FHA risk based pricing that only our FHA MIP could uncover. First, let's read the FHA MIP Risk based Pricing text on the surface as if it is what it is - that being a benefit to those paying into teh FHA MIP fund for risk levels. This is from an LA Times article on May 15. 2008. Here we go:

"A study of an entire year's applications turned up the additional fact that the FHA's lower-income borrowers typically had higher FICO scores than those with larger incomes."Is it counterintuitive? Yes," Montgomery said. According to the study, applicants with FICO scores of 680 to 850 had a median income of $48,756 last year, while those with low scores of 500 to 559 had a median income of $53,388. Fair Isaac Corp.'s FICO scores range from about 300 to 850 -- the higher, the better -- and are predictive of future defaults and foreclosures. Even at rock-bottom down payments of 3%, applicants with lower incomes had higher credit scores than applicants with bigger incomes making similar-size down payments."

Now, read the data again and listen to when you hear FHA or MIP. When you hear FHA or MIP then count the number of syllabuls and then adjust for the risk based pricing. When youget to the risk level, then add a number one with an FHA MIP Risk symbol. Do that threee times and then look for the or mortgage insurance certificate FHA Risk based MIP layes of risk business!

After that, click this link for the MIP FHA Risk Based Premiums.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Finding Title Company for closing the Option Contract Used in a SHORT SALE!

Consider your options. Consider your option contract. Consider your option contract with a short sale. And finally, consider your title company that you use with your option contract with the short sale transaction and then close the deal with the recorded notice of option contract at the title company. This all involves short sales with homeowners who are past due on their mortgage loan and want help with a short sale of real estate using an option.

Or better yet, a recordable option contract for a short sale transaction with a special title company that can double close with your own funds. This inevetably involves a short sale and option contract.


Thursday, June 05, 2008

Flagler County Discounted Home For Sale Quick!

Flagler County FLorida Property Cheap!

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

FHA Below 580 FICO scores

Here we go again with our FHA posts about FICO scores below 620 and below 580. The credit score is important but it is not that important! You must understand that a mortgage loan and particularly an fha mortgage loan can be obtained with a credit score below 580.
Let me repeat that if you are buying a home and your credit score is below a 580, then you are ok with fha as long as you don’t have crummy credit to go along with the 580 credit score. There is more information to uncover about an fha loan with a low credit score. Is your credit score below a 580 FICO? You may be able to get an fha mortgage loan.

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