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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fun with the FHA Handbook

This FHA Handbook provides direction to FHA lenders and FHA mortgage staff in Florida and throughout the states and is based on FHA 's experience in insuring single-family mortgages. While it is not FHA's intent to insure mortgages that are likely to result in default, regardless of the borrower's equity, lenders may exercise some discretion in the underwriting of home mortgages where the borrower's financial and other circumstances are not specifically addressed by this Handbook. Please review the FHA 4155.1 and the FHA handbook in its entirety.

However, FHA Florida lenders are expected to exercise both sound judgment and due diligence in the underwriting of loans to be insured by FHA. For ease of reading, we have chosen to use “lender” in lieu of “mortgagee” throughout this user guide. However, “lenders of FHA loans” is to be interpreted as a FHA-approved mortgagee as described in 24 CFR § 202.10. Similarly, “loan” is to be interpreted as “mortgage” as also described in 24 CFR § 202.10

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