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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Florida fha lenders that refinance subprime

Does anyone know any florida lenders that refinance subprime loans? List them in the comments. My suggestion is to get the fha loan through a floirda lender that has a fixed rate.

The floirda fha secure is another cure for the adjustable rate mortgage. Why do banks offer adjustable rates to begin with? Becuase it transfers the interest rate risj to the borrower and the bank still makes the spread. The problem is that the banks are huirting now becuase tha djustable rates are horrible. The answer in florida is the fha refinance.

FHA secure is an adjustable rate mortgages worst nightmare. Fix it and forget it. Ron Popeil said that, I think. Ron Popeil may or may not have had an adjustable rate mortgage or an fha loan. I simply don't know what kind of mortgage Mr. Popeil had and it would be pure speculation at this point.

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