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Monday, April 07, 2008

Learn FHA Prohibition Against Flips

The flip rules for fha are simple. Just wait a year and you don't have to worry about fha flips.

If you an't wait a year then read about fha and the less than one year flip rule.

Rule for fha and 90 days flipping prohibition.

Mortgagee Letters for fha loans.

Eating lunch and reading about fha rules.

Listen to the fha flipping song.

To summarize, there are many factes to the fha rule son flipping. You can follow the above links and learn about fha and the rules for flips on properties less than one year seasoned. You may do that indeed. A bigger question that you may want to ask your self is why are you reading this crummy blog in the first place. When you learn the answer to that, then maybe I will explain fha and the ant-flipping rule to you on another post.

Flip the switch.



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