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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Seller Sells and Buyer Buys - The Case of Owner Financing

The seller may sell real estate. The buyer may buy real estate. Once the seller sells real estate to the buyer then the buyer becomes the owner of that real estate. Although, please be aware that up until the time that the buyer buys the real estate, the seller is still the owner.

This brings me to my next point which is the financing of the real estate. Perhaps the financing is done at a bank and perhaps the financing is done by the seller. if the financing is done by the bank then it is called bank financing. If by the seller, then it is referred to as seller financing. Seller financing is similar in nature to owner financing. Some people prefer to refere to the transaction as owner financed or seller financed. I myself, prefer seller financed rather than seller financing. The reasons are quite sophmoric - essentially there are fewer syllabuls in seller financed than there are in seller financing. If you don't believe me, then put your hand under your jaw and say 'seller financed' and count the number of times your jaw touches your hand. That is how many syllabuls there are in seller financed. Now do the same for 'seller financing'. There, wasn't that easy? Now you can be sure without the shadow of a real estate doubt that there are fewer syllabuls in 'seller financed.

Let's try the same with 'owner financed' and 'owner financing'. Did you find that you prefer owner fiananced more than owner financing? OK, we are in agreement at this point that we prefer seller financed and seller financing better.

Seller Financed is one way to go for a definition of real estate.

Owner Financing is another way to go when seller real estate owned by the owner.


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You know, I am just a little disappointed here. I came to this site because I thought I woul dlearn about 'scientific housing' and all I got is a bunch of hogwash about owner financing and seller financing. This is lame. You are lame man!

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